Monday, March 23, 2009


So here is a short one because I am tired and lazy and want to go to sleep. My Marmee and Pappa left this morning after 10 glorious days of having them stay with me and sleep with me and eat with me and pray with me. It was so wonderful. It opened my eyes even wider to the truth that we cannot be Christians alone, In fact we cannot be whole people alone, regardless of our religion.

I am so grateful for the time they spent here and am so glad that I could share some of my experience with those dear to my heart. They brought the spring with them (which was so nice) and its starting to warm up and flowers are exploding all over the place!

It makes me excited for whats to come. Thank you for your prayers and for being in my life even though we are not together right now. I pray we will be soon!

Happy Spring!


wfi said...

Maggie is so awesome!

Kiki said...

I love you dear sister and I wish I could have been there too..I look forward to your return home!!!

Fran said...

Thank you dear Maggie, for hosting Dad and I so graciously. It was a trip of a lifetime, seeing S. Korea, but mostly being with Maggie in Korea!
We had a wonderful, memorable trip.
I love you and miss you!