Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here we are again!

Okay so a few months later... hehe. Yes I have not been very diligent about my blogging. But in my defense most of what has happened in the past month or so has not been easily harnessed and transformed into written word.

The pictures above are from the Gustave Klimt exhibition that I want and saw a few weeks ago. Such a Korean experience. It was like being in a subway at rush hour actually. SO many people that you literally had to stand in a line and just inch your way around the room in each space. It was great seeing the art but it was so overwhelming that I dont really remember too much. However at the end they did have this amazing place where you could put your head in a cut out and get your picture taken! I love Korea for things like this.

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer and now we are entering monsoon season. It has been raining everyday for the past 3 days and apparently this is just the beginning. As long as its warm, I dont mind the rain.

My contract is coming to a close and I will be home in less than 3 months! Time flies like an arrow as they say. I will be going to Japan for a week with a friend after my contract finished and then it home home home!

Thank you all for you prayers. You continue to be in mine!

<3 Mags