Saturday, November 29, 2008

For the birds!

This one is for the birds.... don't ask me why. It just is.

So things are moving faster than I had thought they would. It is getting colder everyday. Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a banquet on the Army Base so I was on American soil (technically speaking) for it which was nice.

I have been thinking a lot about death lately. Not in a morbid way but more in that it is one of the most powerful commonalities that all humans share. I feel more part of the universe when I think about the fact that some day not to long from now I will die, and so will everyone else, and so has everyone who has ever lived!!! For me, it has been a freeing exercise.

I am loving life! Excited about the winter. I am getting ready to hibernate and delve deeply into the mysteries of every moment.

Thank you all for your comments and for your thoughts and prayers! I love you and am wishing you all the very best that this time can bring you.

And by popular demand here are some pictures of Halloween, Fall and my Hair!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Korean Monkey's sing "Kiki Kiki"

This entry is dedicated to my beloved sister and friend who is helping making the world a better place. For everyones edification and entertainment, you may like to know that in Korean Monkeys say "kiki kiki" which is interesting because Kirsten has a strange kinship with the creatures (and it happens to be the name I GAVE HER when I we were wee ones).

So its been a while.... and I have been pretty busy. Unfortunately it is not the sort of busy that is worth writing much about, other wise this entry would be quite a bit longer. So I have just been living life, going to work, walking around my lake in the mornings, teaching the kids (which I am getting better and better at every time in make a mistake, which is about ever half hour).

The weather has turned. It is Officially freezing. And I am not just using that word. I see peoples frozen spit wads all over the streets. The pond is starting to get a ring of glass around the shore, and it might snow tonight (although they said that last night too and it didn't).

I have been meeting tons of really wonderful people. I have a small group of friends who go to this little bar a few blocks away from my house every Wednesday night. People come and just get up and jam on all the instruments that are just there for people to play. We dominated the group with our tambourine skills.
I am going to a Thanksgiving dinner with my church on the 23rd. It will be held at the American army base, and should be wonderful. I cant wait to stuff myself. I feel like I have an excuse now to eat more pie and ice cream... its called survival! I will send you all more recent pictures soon but until I get those down loaded please look these over and leave me a comment about and how greco-roman architecture was based on the roman basilica!

I love you all!

Our God really is a consuming Fire. Glory be to Her name!

PS... It just started snowing!!!! YEAH!!! hehehehee!