Thursday, September 4, 2008

For My Dear Pappa.


Here is a quickish post because my Pa said that he checks my blog everyday even though there has been nothing new for weeks. I love you Mum and Daddio and miss you so so much.

So today I have been in Korea for 5 weeks exactly. It seems like its been exactly that long too. I have been working on the language a little bit everyday and am feeling more and more confident that I will not suffer the same fate as countless other English teachers who end their year in Korea with not much of a handle on Korean.

We started a new semester in September which is really good because I needed a fresh start just to get myself oriented. We have gotten new books and new materials which is nice and I am in charge of "Arts and Crafts". I am starting to feel like the two things that I thought I would never do, teaching and art, could actually be a fun way to make a living (like I might actually enjoy teaching art!!! go figure). Granted I would need students who understand a little more of what I am saying. I find myself wanting to discuss things like asymmetry and how contrast can draw the eye towards the most essential aspect of a composition.... and then I remember I lost the lot of them at "Today we are going to learn..."

I have been reading a lot (I am running out of books by the by so please if you want to send me something hint*hint* send me a really good book). So thats been great and there is a beautiful little lake and park 5 mins away from my apartment. I have been taking walks around it every morning and It has been such a gift. There are always heaps of older ladies and gents taking their little baby grandchildren around and its just about the cutest thing ever. I am starting to recognize some of the ladies and I try to say hello to them ever time I see them. Once I get a little more Korean down I will try to start some conversations.

One thing that I have noticed here is that Senior citizens are much more involved in the raising of children. I often see Grandparents and Fathers with babies more than I do Moms. Also, people here are much much more comfortable with physical contact, and I mean that in the best possible way. Ladies will walk down the street with their friends holding hands and it is very natural and there is not even a question as to whether they are homosexual or not. Its just the way it is. I will constantly see business men in these grey suits, arm in arm, or with their fingers interlaced, and I think, "Golly, Americans really should get more comfortable with friendly physical contact". Its not good for a persons physical contact to be almost strictly romantic in my opinion. I think in America, business men should start holding hands more....

I am going to start meeting with a Korean fellow that I meet through this language exchange website. I am excited to start sitting down with someone and learning some more applicable things. I am a little worried that this is also kind of like an unspoken-possible-dating-thing too... so be praying for me that things with be educational, fun, friendly and strictly platonic... ya know?!

I love you all so so much am thinking of you. Please shoot me a email if you have the time, and let me know how life is faring.

May God shower you with every blessing and may She give you the strength to receive them all. May His love enfold you and ignite you. Our God is a consuming fire.

All my love,


That is my name in Korean!


ASBTS/Trinity said...

Thanks dear Maggie - great to hear that things are working together so well. We miss you so much, but at the same time, know you could be in no better place. Like a bumper sticker I saw recently:
"I'd rather be... here."
Your devoted Mom

wfi said...

Isn't she good? She's great! And she's my daughter.