Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do do dooo

Annyong hasay yo!!!

So here it is officially one week into my year sojourn in Korea. So far I must say that things are going great! The weather is absolutely delicious. Hot and humid and wonderful. It is supposed to rain this weekend which I am very excited about because if it does I plan on doing some hiking. There is a little park right outside our apartment building which has a little trail with trees, flowers and squash vines everywhere (my window over looks it too).

As far as teaching goes… well lets just say its work. I still have a lot to learn in terms of how to read a classroom and give them work that is challenging but not over their heads, and how to maintain discipline and respect while still having fun. The kids really are very sweet, and I have yet to have any major behavior problems (even though I have only been there not even quite five days so I should not be too surprised).

The school itself is very nice. It is on the 8th floor of this building (everything here is built up not out). All the teachers that I work with are really nice, both the English and Korean teachers, and they have been so helpful in getting me situated. We don’t get a lunch break, and instead we eat lunch with the kids. Each teacher is in charge of a classroom and our meals are prepared by this wonderful Korean Lady who is a stellar chef. Every day is a totally traditional Korean meal complete with Kimchi, rice and then usually two or three other dishes. Yesterday we had a dish that consisted of whole dehydrated anchovies (eyes, skin the works) in this sweet-savory chili sauce with walnuts. It was so good. I still have plenty of breaks through out the day because we don’t teach a class every period. The parents are also always bringing by treats for us.

I am pretty tired at the end of the day and my feet are starting to hurt a lot. We don’t wear shoes inside the school either. There is a shelf were you take your outside shoes off and put on slippers that you keep there at the school. Right now it’s pretty charming but I have a feeling I will be over it real soon. I need better arch support.

I am starting Korean classes this Saturday which I am very excited about. I have been able to pick up a few more vocab words since coming here but not being able to communicate with people is getting really annoying!!! So my goal is to be able to carry on a very basic exchange about food or myself with in the next 2 months or so.

Thank you all again for your prayers and good vibrations. Please continue to keep me in them. May the God of peace whose love passes all understanding be with you, and remain in you, wherever you might go.

All my love!

Miss Maggie


ASBTS/Trinity Prayer said...
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ASBTS/Trinity Prayer said...

Thank you dear Maggie for the update!
Would love to see some pictures too!
Wow, I don't know what I think of dehydrated anchovies with are very adventurous.
Could you put arch support inserts into your slippers at work?
Dad and I had fun talking with you on Skype last night! What a great product.
I love you and miss you and love you....

Kiki said...

I would just LOVE to see some pictures my dear darling sister! I am so excited for you! And thankful for this blog you have going. (it is a bad word, i agree) I feel like I get to live a bit through you. I hope you have the best time of your life. And it sounds like it's getting off to a good start! I love you so much Maggie! Jeff and I think of you often. Please send pictures!!! Use Picassa! It's the best!